The Funeral Prayer Ritual

The Funeral Prayer and Dead Person’s Sleeping Position by Zuellah Huma Ahmed There is something so strange about our rituals and the religion we practice. We have certainly limited know how of it; a basic reason being since we were born into a religion. When people are born into something, they just accept it and More >

Let Go (Motivational Inspirational Poetry)

Let Go (Motivational Poetry) Lost hopes and desires Let them float away The lotus in the water Will not open today How does the water hold it? How does it let it glide? How it makes a path for it? How it becomes its ride? Life was not so beautiful It was not afloat The More >

Love by geography (Funny Romantic poetry)

Love by Geography (Funny Romantic Free verse Poetry) Walk with me to the end of the world Lets see if there’s a new beginning If there lies a new feeling I hope the world is not flat As an uncle in geography thought that So we wouldn’t fall over it But if the world is More >

Black or White (Reflective Poetry)

Black or White(Reflective Free Verse Poetry) I turn off the lights To turn on mine What I see of myself Is enlightening me My room is light filled Scared of darkness It pushes the black Out of the door And locks it out Back into the world’s core What remains within All pure and serene More >

Living on the Edge of the Edge [Reflective Poetry]

Living on the Edge of the Edge(Reflective Free Verse Poetry) A Life of Will I cease to exist Everyday, every night And then I live on the edge Off the edge Once again life is back The blood is red It gushes through my arteries And forces my heart to beat In the new rhythm More >

Coded Words (Romantic Reflective Poetry)

Coded Words (Romantic, Reflective Poetry) The words will flow from within My soul will give you their gift When flowers still bloom outside the bricked walls When fragrance still spreads around in the fields Behind closed doors is intuition locked My mind, my soul, my body apart How they say there is something beyond I More >

Deception (Reflective Poetry)

Deception (Reflective Poetry) Hot sun with its scorching rays Over my head it always stays Burns my flesh inside out Stays there; to remove all doubt The hard road; paved and un paved With never ending footsteps; its fed Burns under my feet But burns me instead Thirsty traveler carrying infinite thirst Looks at the More >