Creative Credits To: Nunna Sa Ik Diya [Tiny Oil Lamp] ننھا سا اک دیہ

Tooti hui mundeir pe nanha sa ik diya!
Mausam se keh raha hai, aandhi chala k dekh


Nunna Sa Ik Diya Tiny Oil Lamp ننھا سا اک دیہ

Andhi tu chul rahi hai, musalsul he Shub-o-Rouz
Muskun hai us ka Or, Dil garifta-o-souz
Diyay ki kawishei.n bhi, gumrah hai.n tareeqiou.n mei.n
Roshni faqat hai baqi, ankhou.n ki putliyou.n mei.n

Tuti hui mundheir hai, dil mera ik azal say
Mausum bhi is ka yukta, budulta nahi hai kub say
Nunna sa ik diya, bus nuzrou.n mei.n reh gaya hai
Mausum ko kur ke pabund, Barhi mushkil se je raha hai
Suna hai tujh ko kehtay, jo nazrou.n mei.n jul raha hai
Qissa us ki bay bakiyou.n ka, jo bahir machal raha hai
Kehta hai mujh say wo, nazrai.n mila kay dekh
Ankhou.n mei.n mujhe tou, phir say sama kay dekh

Tooti hui mundeir pe nanha sa ik diya !
Mausam se keh raha hai, aandhi chala kay dekh

Sunta hai uska juzba, is ba himmati ka
Nunna sa ik diya, jo nazrou.n mei.n bujh raha hai
Kuch tou khush qismati hai, jo ruk kur bhi burh raha hai
Nunna sa ik diya, jo andhi mein chul raha hai
by Zuellah Huma Ahmed

A Humble, Tiny and Naiive Clay Oil Lamp (light) and a Contrasting Confidence

Those 2 lines above really inspired me. Such a naiive thing – a diya [an oil lamp made of clay ] but such huge confidence. There is a diya waiting for challenges of life, looking life in the eye and saying Bring it On!

And there’s a diya in my heart, under continuous torment of the world within and out, trying to sustain, trying to survive and its dead; almost dead. The only part remaining, the only remnant alive is what I have so difficultly saved in my eyes. It can also be viewed as the reflection of the diya that’s outside and waiting for the storm to fight it and confront it.
Infact there is only one diya, but the actual physical diya is waiting to confront the tortures of life and the conceptual or imaginary diya that is going through all these tortures daily inside the heart is about to die. But you can still see the remains in the pupil of the eye. That pupil might actually in reality be reflecting that diya, the one that’s physically lying outside.
There’s luck besides the diya that its is alive although it almost seems dead. There is still hope!!

Every day is a Challenge, almost the magnitude of Torment. This infact has become continuous. The harsh climate, the storms of the passing days has almost become a trend. But these storms are actually not happening outside. They are residents of the heart. And the efforts of light or diya get astray in not physical darkness but the mental and spiritual darkness of the heart. They get influenced by negative thoughts and that makes the light inside the heart almost die. The Noor becomes almost insignificant to see , to the point that the light only Reduces to a mere spark inside the pupil ; as big as a pupil.

On the broken coping, a tiny diya still says bring it on to Life challenges. The inner diya in the heart listens to the courageous diya outside. Its determination !

The heart is lucky and is supposedly blessed for still it can pick on the positive Inspirations and influences and grow on them inside the heart.